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NOTOS® 4 NS – Geared Twin Screw Pumps

Product type: Pumps and Systems
Description: Two shafts with four screws rotate in the inner housing. No contact between the screws and between screws and inner housing. No metal to metal contact. Two shafts are synchronized by a pair of harmonized gears set away from the pumping chamber. Liquid is pumped from the periphery towards the center. Pumping chamber consists of four screws and inner casing.


  • Flow up to do 2500 m/h3 (11.000 gpm)
  • Pressure up to 80 bara (1160 psi)
  • Temperature up to 300°C (570°F)
  • Viscosity up to 200.000 cSt


The main advantages are that there is no metal contact, complies with API 3rd edition, small footprint and long operational lifetime,



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