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ANDRITZ SEPARATION is the world’s leading separation specialist, with the deepest knowledge, broadest technical resources, and most comprehensive service solutions. For more than 150 years, we have helped our customers respond to the world's environmental, energy-resource, health, and nutrition challenges by leveraging our extensive knowledge to create, develop, implement, and service innovative separation solutions. By solving these fundamental challenges, we create lasting value and drive growth across every industry we serve.

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Mechanical waste water treatment

Product type: Mechanical waste water treatment
Description: With world’s most comprehensive portfolio of separation technologies and services, ANDRITZ Separation is in a good position to provide the right solution for any type of mechanical or thermal separation. It all begins with your specific process requirements, and ends with a system which provides you with best results - day after day, for decades. From their program we would like to recommend technology such as strip feed and filter presses, fine screens and different sludge thickeners, as well as dryers.