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Nabaltec is a company based in Schwandorf, Germany. They are a leading producer of aluminum-based products for different types of industries, such as cable, ceramics, abrasives, refractory and other materials.

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Number 1

Aluminum hydroxide

Product type: Mineral
Description: Apyral series of AtH-based fillers from Nabaltec is one of the best in the branch of fire-resistant fillers, offering best value for money. Because of its very high brightness, it can also be used as white pigment.
Number 2

Aluminum oxide

Product type: Mineral
Description: Nabalox series of aluminum oxide-based fillers are widely used in foundries, ceramic and polishing industry. Due to its great homogeneity, Nabalox series is well-known for its consistent properties. This gives excellent mechanical, temperature, electric and chemical properties, combined with excellent value for money.
Number 3


Product type: Mineral
Description: Boehmite or aluminum oxide hydroxide is used for production of catalysts for oil industry. It is also used in fire-resistant polymer applications, where it is interesting because of its ecological qualities (it does not contain halogen). It is stable up to 320°C.
Number 4

Magnesium hydroxide

Product type: Mineral
Description: Apymag fillers based on magnesium hydroxide, used in fire-resistant roof membranes. These membranes are exposed to open flame, so they need to have stability at high temperatures.
Number 5

Synthetic mullite

Product type: Mineral
Description: Symulox series of synthetic mullites is used in ceramic industry. Symulox is specific for its pronounced homogeneity, with very high level of material purity, and high level of structural micro-crystallization - property which makes Symulox excel in physical parameters, such as resistance to thermal shock.