For many years we’ve been actively fostering partnerships with over 100 companies which operate throughout the world. The result of that is dependable and fast distribution of our broad range of products...

Quarzwerke is a family company with more than 130 years of tradition in production of mineral raw materials for different industries. They own mines in more than 10 countries in Europe. From there they do business with companies all around the world.

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Number 1

Aluminum hydroxide

Product type: Mineral
Description: Mineral produced from bauxite. Fire-resistant material of high brightness and low hardness. Applications: rubber industry, kitchen countertops...
Number 2


Product type: Mineral
Description: Mineral of high thermal conductivity. Chemically inert and temperature resistant. Mineral with features comparable to aluminum, at a lower price. Applications: cooler in electronic industry, thermally conductive blends.
Number 3


Product type: Mineral
Description: Mineral produced from sulphate heated at 140 C°; it does not absorb any more water. Applications: glue, transparent parquet varnishes, paints (anti-corrosive, transparent varnishes).
Number 4

White quartz

Product type: Mineral
Description: Mildly calcinated quartz, with stability of quartz structure and brightness of cristobalite. Application in road marking paints, facade systems, engineered stone, sinks.
Number 5

Colored silica

Product type: Mineral
Description: Produced from pure quartz sand. Each grain is enveloped in a synthetic 2-K-resin dyed with an inorganic or organic pigment as color stable as possible. Available in five standard granularities. Application: kitchen panels, sinks, engineered stone, colored plaster, road marking paints, epoxy floors.
Number 6


Product type: Mineral
Description: Mineral of very high chemical resistance; one of the most prevalent minerals in the environment. Applications: ceramics, glass and porcelain industries, parquet varnishes, dispersive paints.
Number 7


Product type: Mineral
Description: Mineral of laminated structure, very high brightness and coating power. Used in the paint and varnish, ceramics, porcelain, paper, rubber and pharmaceutical industry.
Number 8

Dry Grinding

Product type: Composite mixes
Description: From individual mills to complete turnkey milling systems, NETZSCH mills are your first choice for the fine cutting, fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding of dry products of all desired finenesses. From A (activated carbon) to Z (zinc) - we offer the right mill for your product.
Number 9


Product type: Mineral
Description: Mineral produced by heating quartz at 15000 °C. Very high brightness. Application: paints and varnishes, dental industry, silicone seals, engineered stone, road marking paints.
Number 10


Product type: Mineral
Description: One of the hardest natural minerals, chemically inert. Wide range of use, starting from glass industry, foundry, high tension insulators, dental industry, paints and coatings, plaster, engineered stone...
Number 11

Quartz with phosphorus particles

Product type: Mineral
Description: Modified quartz, fused by adding phosphorus particles. This produces the luminescence effect. During the day, the mineral absorbs sunlight, and glows during the night. Available in green and blue color. Special uses in hazard indicating paints, composits, kitchen countertops.
Number 12

Synthetic corundum

Product type: Mineral
Description: Synthetic mineral, produced by heating aluminum oxide; hardest mineral, hardness 9 on Mohs scale (diamond = 10). Applications: parquet coatings (high resistance to scratching), decorative coatings, and high-voltage insulators.
Number 13


Product type: Mineral
Description: Laminated mineral with overlapping particles; this gives it the effect of coverage, as well as water-resistance. Applications: paints and varnishes, paper and pharmaceutical industry.
Number 14

Fused silica

Product type: Mineral
Description: Mineral produced by further heating of quartz at 2000 °C. Extremely resistant to sudden and big temperature changes. Application: electric insulation, precision casting, technical ceramics.
Number 15


Product type: Mineral
Description: Mineral with needle-like structure, used for strengthening structures. Application in plastics (resistance to impact, wearing), FKM rubbers (seals), coatings, anti-corrosion.