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Dry Grinding

Product type: Dry grinding
Description: From individual mills to complete turnkey milling systems, NETZSCH mills are your first choice for the fine cutting, fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding of dry products of all desired finenesses. From A (activated carbon) to Z (zinc) - we offer the right mill for your product.

CGS Fluidized Bed Jet Mill

This innovative air jet mill is capable of fine grinding all kinds of dry products with virtually no contamination.Through this specialized milling concept, product grinding is entirely autogenous. Gas jets alone create the grinding energy. No tool wear occurs!

  • Air jet grinding up to approx. 600 m / s
  • Fineness of d97 ~ 1 - 70 µm
  • Autogenous grinding
  • Maximum grinding energy (dry grinding)
  • No contamination
  • The target fineness can be set via the classifier
  • Possible selective grinding
  • No increase in product temperature
  • Steep particle size distribution

s-Jet® Steam Jet Mill

The s-Jet® System uses superheated steam as its milling gas. Compared to air, steam provides considerably higher jet energy. Jet speeds of up to 1,200 m/s can be achieved This allows achieving finer particles in dry –grinding process as opposed to air operations.

  • Using superheated steam for the ultra-fine grinding
  • Highest grinding fineness (< 1 micron by dry grinding)
  • Classifier wheel integrated with unlimited adjustment
  • Up to double throughput capacity (compared to air)
  • Considerably higher efficiency
  • Processing of sticky products
  • Highest product purity
  • Steep particle size distribution
  • Low contamination grinding
  • Simultaneous grinding and drying of moist products
  • Classifier wheel unlimited adjustment

ConJet® High-Density Bed Jet Mill

The ConJet® High Density Bed Jet Mill combines a spiral jet mill with an integrated classifier wheel. This combination allows the ConJet® to produce materials with the highest fineness independent of the product load, and with higher throughput capacities.

  • Finenesses from d97 2.5 µm to 70 µm
  • Simple machine operation
  • Spiral jet mill for the fine grinding of soft to hard materials
  • Exactly defined maximum particle size through integrated dynamic air classifier
  • Classifier wheel integrated with unlimited adjustment
  • Reproducible results
  • Optional designs available: pressure shock resistant, gas tight, wear protected

CSM Classifier Mill

The CSM classifier mill combines a mechanical impact mill with an integrated dynamic air classifier.Due to the integrated classifier wheel, grain sizes free of coarse particles can be achieved without the disadvantages of an external grinding and classifying circulation system.

  • Finenesses from d97 10 µm to 150 µm
  • Rotor impact mill with rotating integrated dynamic air classifier wheel provides exactly defined maximum particle size
  • Classifier wheel integrated with unlimited adjustment
  • Separate drives for grinding disc and classifier wheeSteep particle size distributions

Impact Mill Condux®

The newly designed Condux® Impact Mill with an integrated dynamic air classifier is used when the desired final fineness cannot be achieved with conventional screenless pin mills or blast mills with screen inserts.

  • Finenesses from d99 30 µm to 800 µm
  • High speed impact mill with exchangeable grinding tools for the grinding of soft to medium hard materials (Mohs 3 – 3.5)
  • Grinding takes place in a vertical Rotor/Stator-System in numerous variations of tools
  • Fast and easy modification of the mill
  • Optional designs available: pressure shock resistant, gas tight

SecoMy® S Fine Cutting Mill

Fine Cutting Mills of the type SecoMy® S are high speed cutting mills with high-frequency cutting strokes for the fine-grinding of cuttable materials.

  • Screenless fine-cutting mill
  • Rotary knives adjustable from outside the machine
  • Very simple knife change
  • Thermally optimized system
  • Wear protection possible
  • Small amount of wear parts required

Spehro® Dry Agitator Bead Mill

For the dry grinding of mineral and ceramic raw materials the agitator bead mill NETZSCH SpheRho® impresses with very high product fineness and high throughput rates with low specific energy consumption.

  • The Agitator Bead Mill for finest Dry-Grinding
  • Unique and patented
  • Compact Design
  • Extremely fine and very efficient