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Grinding and classifying mineral materials

Product type: Grinding and classifying mineral materials
Description: From individual machines to complete turn-key grinding systems NETZSCH Ecutec mills and classifiers are your first choice for fine cutting, fine grinding and ultra-fine grinding of mineral products.



Taurus - Ball Mill for Fine and Ultrafine Products

A rotating robust steel drum with liners is supplying kinetic energy to grinding media inside the mill. These grinding media are crushing and grinding fresh product due to impact and friction. The lining as well as the grinding media can be made out of hard wear resistant high manganese/chromium steel, ceramic or silex.

  • Ball mill
  • Soft to abrasive minerals
  • Perimeter or lattice outlet
  • 4kW to 2500kW

Pamir - Dry Agitator Bead Mill

Compared to the conventional Ball Mills, with the Pamir it is possible to obtain extremely fine products combined with very high throughput capacities at low specific energy consumption levels thanks to its operating mode and stress characteristics. Used together with NETZSCH Ecutec´s classifiers in a grinding/classifying circuit, mineral fillers with a particle size of less than 2 µm can be produced.

  • Ball mill with agitator
  • Soft to abrasive minerals
  • Ultrafine grinding


Altai - Pendular Roller Mill

Altai Pendular Roller Mills combine high classifying efficiency with the advantages of a multi-purpose mill. Drying, grinding and classifying can be done in open or closed systems. Finenesses down to 45 µm can be achieved in just one step.

  • Sinusoidal vertical roller mill
  • Soft to medium hard minerals
  • 3 or 5 rollers available
  • Narrow particle distribution

Atlas - Vertical Roller Mill

The Atlas is a roller air-swept mill designed for continuous operation with minimum maintenance. It has been as been developed for more efficient fine grinding of soft to medium-hard materials.

  • Table roller mill
  • Soft to medium hard material
  • Up to 15µm final cut
  • Narrow particle distribution

Jura - Jet Classifier Mill

Autogenous grinding system ideal for contamination - free processing. Multiple horizontally installed nozzles guides the pressurized air into the center and provide the energy for grinding products. Even the hardest of products poses no problem for this machine. In addition, extremely temperature sensitive products can be processed under continuous  operation.

  • Jet mill
  • Integrated classifier
  • Abrasive, plate products of high purity
  • Up to 2µm final cut

Ural - Air Classifier Mill

It is an impact grinding system with an integrated classifier and therefore ideal for products with steep particle size distributions. The multipurpose mill can be used for soft and medium hard minerals where wear resistant materials can be chosen

  • Air mill with classifier
  • Integrated classifier
  • Soft and medium hard minerals
  • Up to 10µm final cut


Scirocco - Air Classifier for Fine Products

The Scirocco belongs to the family of turbo classifiers with turbulent airflow, also called centrifugal classifiers. These classifiers achieve a very high yield at a low specific energy consumption. Developed for the production of fines from 6 -150 μm.

  • Turbo classifier
  • All standard products
  • d98 ≤ 6 to 150 μm.

Monsoon - Classifier for Coarser Products

This type of classifier does not require any peripheral equipment such as fans, filters, etc. Feed enters the Monsoon classifier at a controlled rate from the top and falls onto a rotating distributor plate.

  • Dynamic ("whizzer") classifier
  • Dedusting without peripherals
  • d98 ≤ 63 to 500 μm

Bora - Air Turbo Classifier

The Bora Classifier was developed by merging our Scirocco and Mistral classifier technology, combining the benefits of both machines to produce a high performance classifier at a very competitive price. By covering an airflow range from 360 to 6.000 m³/h, the Bora classifiers can be used either in a laboratory scale or for industrial production capacities. Also, abrasive products such as quartz, zircon oxide, etc. can be separated without high wear.

  • Turbo classifier
  • Abrasives and special products
  • d98 ≤ 2 to 50µm

Mistral - Air Classifier for Ultrafine Products

In developing the Mistral, the main objective was to achieve products of high fineness, combined with a sharp cut point at a high fines yield and a low specific energy consumption. It has been designed to produce ultra-fine products down to d98 <3,5 μm on an industrial scale and a highly competitive energy consumption.

  • Horizontal turbo classifier
  • Soft and medium hard products
  • High capacity of d98 ≤ 2µm