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Wet Grinding

Product type: Wet grinding
Description: Bead mills are machines for grinding and ultra-fine processing of solids into liquids. Their range covers particle sizes from 200 μm (max. 500 μm) up to submicron (nanometer) range. With a comminution factor down to 1 : 10 000 (200 μm -> 20 nm), the application range is extensive and the variety of tasks extremely diverse. The wetting and homogenization of solids in liquids, deagglomeration and dispersion, all the way to true comminution of primary particles make the agitator bead mill a universal wet processing machine.

The next Generation of Netzsch Alpha Agitator Bead Mills

Grinding System DISCUS

With the introduction of the new disc geometry TetraNex®/TetraNex®+, a significant increase in the efficiency of the grinding system was achieved. Now the grinding system has been modified again. In this long history - marked by ideas and patents - a new milestone has been set with the Discus Intensive Rotor.

  • Highest productivity
  • Low specific energy requirement
  • Significantly narrower residence time distribution
  • Highly-efficient grinding media separation system
  • Reliable scale-up
  • Optimum product cooling with an inner pipe of grinding tank made of NETZSCH-Ceram C
  • Efficient recirculation is possible

Grinding System ZETA

Suitable for a wide variety of every viscosity and almost any product, with this technology you will achieve the highest product qualities and finenesses into the nanometer range using a wide variety of grinding media from 0.3 mm to 3 mm in diameter.

  • Peg grinding system with the highest grinding intensity
  • Finenesses into the nanometer range
  • Narrowest particle size distribution
  • Exact reproducibility
  • Optimal energy input with effective cooling
  • Universally applicable for every product Scale-up possible from laboratory to production machine
  • Reliable use of a wide variety of grinding media from 0.1 mm to 3 mm

Grinding System NEOS

The agitator cooling with the newly-developed Neos grinding system stands for maximum performance, product quality and efficiency. Coupled with the reliable use of extremely small grinding media, you can achieve your required product quality with high production output and low specific energy consumption.

  • The highest power input without overheating the product
  • Maximum volume throughput
  • The highest cooling efficiency
  • Use of extremely small grinding beads (0.1 to 0.8 mm)
  • Reproducible product quality
  • High degree of process reliability
  • Low operating costs
  • Conversion of existing machines to the latest technology

Grinding System MACRO

The grinding system has an intensive cooling system for the grinding chamber and agitator shaft, making the grinding system Macro the ideal machine for moderate to high viscosity products, such as UV systems, at low processing temperatures.

  • The Macro grinding system represents the logical advancement of the John System annular chamber mill with the centrifugal force separation device.
  • The new peg system is designed for high power input in single and multi-pass operation.