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Savaré is family-owned company with an international presence and a long tradition of research and inovation, specialized in hot melt adhesives.

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Number 1

Adhesives for building & construction

Product type: Adhesives
Description: Savaré supplies hot-melt adhesives to converters for coating and lamination of different materials (including EPDM, bitumen, films and foams) designed for roofing, thermal and acoustic insulation materials and flooring applications.
Number 2

Adhesives for hygiene application

Product type: Adhesives
Description: Hot-melts adhesives for diapers, training pants, sanitary napkins, panty-liners, light inco, under-pads, adult brief, and protective underwear specifically designed for each application. Highly versatile hot-melts for spiral spray, fiberization and slot coating application systems.
Number 3

Adhesives for packaging

Product type: Adhesives
Description: Savaré’s hot-melts can be used on any kind of automatic machine, for any application and on any surface. Specific hot-melts with “tailor-made” properties: i.e. open-time, setting-time, wetting power are available.
Number 4

Adhesives for medical application

Product type: Adhesives
Description: Savaré adhesives are suitable for lamination and skin attachment applications, e.g. for surgical drapes, gowns, plasters and medical tapes. Full compliance to your regulatory requirements is assured.
Number 5

Adhesives for uphostery and mattresses

Product type: Adhesives
Description: Savaré is a major supplier of hot-melt adhesives for the various applications of the production of mattresses and pocket springs bonding. Furthermore their glues are used for self-adhesive coating of different foams and plastic materials for the upholstery industry.
Number 6

Adhesives for footwear

Product type: Adhesives
Description: Within the footwear industry Savaré’s hot-melts are dedicated for self-adhesive and thermo-adhesive applications, and other special needs. For sport and technical shoes industry as well as leather goods articles, Savaré offers the most suitable hot-melts for coating on various material including foams and nonwovens.